3 Things I Learned My First Week In Nashville

A week ago I moved into an old house in Nashville, Tennessee; away from my family and the only home I’ve known.  This week has been nothing short of an adventure between meeting new friends, navigating the city, and some snow showers.  Going into this move I knew I would encounter plenty of learning experiences.  Besides simply learning how to communicate and keep in touch with my family, these are the three things that keep echoing in my mind:

01.  Days need to start with this reminder: the Creator of the universe loves you deeply.

Obviously any move will come with adjustments, and I’m not usually keen on change.  Waking up and letting myself be reminded of truth has been the steady and the constant that I crave when everything else is in fast-forward, swirling motion.

02.  Take control of your day.. then be flexible.

Maybe I’m just naïve, but I thought it would be a little easier to eat real meals when it’s time to eat, because I felt like I already knew how to do that.  But knowing how and putting that knowledge into practice are two different things.  Planning my meals and tasks has been key to any kind of productivity.

The second part of this point is to be flexible though!  With flexibility comes embracing the little mess-ups and rookie mistakes, like when I had to go to Kroger 3 times in one day.  Flexibility has also meant enjoying last minute outings and long conversations.

03.  Go home and rest.

Almost every evening that I have been out, I have had to remind myself that going home is a good thing; that I’ll enjoy being there and winding down.  You can’t stretch each day on continuously.  The more time I spend living in this house, the more it feels like I’m supposed to be here. I’m learning to end each day, even if it’s just so I can fully enjoy the next with a complete night of sleep behind me.

I know the next months and years have so many more lessons in store for me, but I’m reflecting on these for now.

Here’s to week 2 in Nashville.