Oh hi.  This is new.


THIS is surreal.  This is me writing a blog post.  On my website.  That features my photography.  Can we zoom out for a moment?

Five years ago I thought I was cool taking pictures at the zoo with my point + shoot.  Yeah.

Story time:  I took pictures of every single animal I saw, and I made sure to zoom in all the way in order to get a nice, shallow depth of field.  I had no idea why zooming in made the background blur, and I had no idea what the words “depth of field” meant, but I didn’t care.  By the end of the day I had a solid 200+ photos of random animals doing what animals do. Later I went to look at my pictures and they were all gone..  every. single. one.  But I think that’s when I knew that photography was special to me, because while I was sad to have lost so many images, I knew I would be making plenty more in the future and I saw it as a challenge to not only be excellent at photographing my surroundings, but noticing them and making real memories to go with the pictures.  Because no fire, flood, or corrupted SD card can take those real experiences from me.

But back to here and now..  What I really can’t believe is that you’re reading this.  Because I’ll be the first to say I have no pretensions to being anything other than human or normal or just a little annoying (or a lot annoying, depending on who you are).  But I knew this, right here, needed to happen when I was having conversation after conversation with other artists, creatives, + makers.  Those conversations were and are so insightful and energizing for me, that I have to share them, and while I love Instagram, it’s not ideal for documenting and publishing such evolving and robust thoughts.  It was months ago that I came to that realization, but the time has flown in anticipation of what’s to come.  Consider this journal a glimpse of what goes on in my head + insight into how I interact with other artists.  Here you can meet and become acquainted with not only myself, but the ones making art all around you.

Conversations are my favorite, and especially with artists. I WANT TO TALK TO YOU if you’re an artist, or if your life is affected in any way by art.  Seriously.  Contact me here if that sounds at all interesting to you.

My hope is that you find someone here you can collaborate with.