Wedding Experience


Want that same feeling of peace and joy on your wedding day?

“it feels so good to be free!” 

Both Amanda and Jake were beaming as we walked away from their family photos to get portraits of just the two of them. Amanda couldn’t believe they were already done with the family photos that they thought would take ages since they both had rather large families. She wrapped her arms around Jake and let out a sigh of relief and joy.

I had assured them ahead of time that with the Family Legacy Method of shooting family photos, we could get every combination of family members they wanted, very quickly, while keeping everyone happy. They wanted their loved ones to be able to enjoy cocktail hour, and we accomplished that!

The Family Legacy Method is one small piece of the Caia Grace Wedding Experience that will give you more moments of fun and less hurry-up-and-waiting on your wedding day.

After your wedding, you’ll get to revisit each tiny moment from the biggest day of your life by viewing your photos in your online Caia Grace Client Portal. The portal is the same one you’ve been using all along the way, so you’ll easily know how to access your photos and can share them with loved ones immediately!

05. Relive your wedding over & over  again

You’ve been dreaming of this day and imagining how it will go for so long, now it’s finally here! I’ll show up with a camera in hand and smile on my face. I promise I’m almost as excited as you and your fiancé! Wedding days are so fun, and we laugh through the whole thing!

04. Marry your soulmate

After our Dream Wedding call, you will complete the booking process through the online Caia Grace Client Portal, selecting your dream package or a custom-created package that we’ve dreamed up together. At the end of booking you’ll receive our Bride & Groom guide that walks you through every tip and trick we’ve collected to make weddings easy and fun!

03. Make it official

During our Dream Wedding call, I'll ask you all about what you’re envisioning for your wedding day, and we can start really getting to know each other! My goal is that instead of strangers, we feel like old friends by the time your wedding rolls around. I love it when both fiancés can be present on this Dream Wedding video call, but we will absolutely tailor the meeting to your needs as a couple.

02. tell me about your Dream wedding

You’ve been looking for a wedding photographer who is the perfect mix of professional and down-to-earth, just like you. Start the process by inquiring to see if I’m still available for your wedding date, and we’ll go from there!

01. inquire

- Nicole

a gift that lasts forever."

"Photography like this is