You might be…

…an artist who needs promotional photographs, performer headshots, or emotive images of your live shows to share online or print on a poster.

I am…

…a photographer who aims to be relational, remains relaxed, and uses an unorthodox approach based on traditional methods.


Together, we create

…a photography experience that speaks your vision, nurtures a relationship between artist and photographer, and creates connection between yourself and your audience.


Photo by Emily Ann Photography

why I DO IT…

Someone once said that you almost always return to the job you wanted when you were 6 years old.  When I was 6, I wanted to be an artist.

After deciding I wasn’t good enough at drawing figures to be what I thought an artist should be, I tried my best to turn my attentions toward other things.  My entire childhood I did not fully understand art.  I thought art meant a technically proficient painting or drawing.  I didn't know that art was something created to make you feel.

Art is both the process and the outcome.

When I removed drawing from my life, I found myself obsessed with dancing.  It became the outlet for self expression, feeling, and processing that I didn’t even know I needed.  With highschool came a period of exploring any artistic medium I could get my hands on, and photography was a part of all of it.  Every illustration was photographed, and every piece of choreography was filmed.  I was processing even more than I realized.

Photography is something I do every day, but the artists and the art I get to photograph change constantly.  Want to be one of those artists?

Caia has been trained under Sarah Maldonado of Nova Soul Imagery and is a member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA)